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This is my journey to losing weight . I'm 23 and I'm tired of being over weight. So I'm deciding to do something about it. I thought it would be a great idea to make it public and hopefully I won't regret it. So come and keep me company if you don't mind!


Work hard!


Work hard!

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i hate people who take posts like “black ladies are beautiful” and say “YOU MEAN EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL”

its like showing up to a little celebratory function for an unappreciated tech crew of a movie and going “DONT U THINK THE ACTORS ARE IMPORTANT TOO???”

son the actors already have the red carpet and four billion dollars sit down

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I just want my stomach to stop hurting so I can fucking work out.

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"It is not a Black problem. It is a white problem. This is an American problem. This is a societal problem where people should be outraged when a man is able to instigate an interaction with kids and then shoot them when it doesn’t go well,” he continued. “It should be an outrage for everybody."
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Anonymous asked: Could you recommend any good detoxes? I've eaten poorly for the past few days and I want to start over!



No need to detox. We have organs in our bodies that detox for us. Just start eating healthy and cut the junk food, you will feel great in no time!

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No day is complete without a selfie.



No day is complete without a selfie.


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  • YA’LL
  • DONT 
  • KNOW
  • HOW
  • GOOD
  • IM
  • LOOK
  • IN 
  • 2014
  • BRUH!!

Like frfr

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